Motorcycle rides
The Wheelbarrow and the accompanying person disclaim any liability in case of accident or non-compliance with the rules of the road of the participant (s)

Half-day walk.                                                     Journey  : between 80 and 120 kms.
Level       : riders start: nts or cool biker.              Duration  : 1 half-day                                              Ideal for small engine, custom, 125 cm3 ...
Journey : max. about 400 kms.                           Level     : confirmed pilot mastering his machine, his reactions and knowing how to ride in a group. Duration: 1 half-day For motorcycles.                                        

V                                                                Journey  : 230 kms on average.                          Level       : open to all.                                     Duration  : 1 half a day                                              Ride on nice roads, admire the landscape, cool breaks.                                        

V4                                                                              Journey : 500 kms on average.                         Level     : Bikers mastering the reactions of his machine and can ride a day safely and in groups.                                                                      Duration : 1 day                                                      Roll, eat kms in a pack! Snacks taken away. Real biker, mosquitoes stuck on the teeth!


The price includes the ride, his companion "HERVE" and the picnic.

V1 - V2 - V3 : 10 euros

V4                : 20 euros

Nocturne     : 10 euros