The relay of the 2 wheels "the wheelbarrow 82" is open all year round.

Of the cottages on the hillside you will ensure a quiet sleep in the world's largest. We also offer small meals (caterer), lunch and drinks. A convenience store is at your disposal.

Formulas: birthday, picnic, club meeting, etc. can be proposed. Theme nights are regular:

            - Grand prix motorcycles on a giant screen.

            - Karaoke; 

            - Petanque competition; 

        - Racing wheelbarrows, jousting, water tank paintball, etc. Relaxation areas are put at your disposal such as:

           - Cauldron Gauls: outdoor Jacuzzi 

           - area picnic; 

           - A bowling green of three tracks; 

Parking bikes in 140 seats is at your disposal to park your mounts safely! 

Workshop tools available (possibility mechanic) free inflation area.

On Reservation

Balades bike piloted by Hervé with formula picnic. 

We are looking forward to your visit.

Le coustal 82150 Valeilles

Le relais du 2 roues la Brouette